Does your website
question its purpose?

The Internet as we know it is now nearly 30 years old. We’ve seen it go from white backgrounds with blue links to the shiny UI features of Web 2.0. The skeuomorphs of the mid-2000s shed much of themselves with the flat design that rose up in it’s wake. The whole ecosystem is one of change, of interaction. As the world changes, the Internet changes. The technologies, language, and implementation all change with it.

My name is Dana O’Rourke. I’ve been building websites for upwards of ten years. I’d love to see how I can help.

What do I do,
and for how much, you ask?


I can provide a wealth of services, ranging from:

Need to know what I use? These are some of the technologies and programs I use like a hammer to bring your projects under control.

I can also work with your graphic designer or back-end web developer to help bring a facet of a project up to where your expectations are.

If you have a question (or have a problem you'd like to have fixed), pop me an email using the form below.

Take a look at some of my work.

  • Breathe

    Fascinated by the old-school roleplaying games, I decided to try mocking one up in Javascript.

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  • Invoapp

    Made for a third party, Rocket Science Consulting contracted me to implement the design.

    View Project
  • Solar Splash

    My first experience in JS game design, this unfinished gem marks the start of what I consider my real JS knowledge.

    View Project
  • Quick Slider

    When pressed to use a slider that was as minimal as possible, I built the following as a proof of concept

    View Project
  • Sorting Hat

    When employed for Bookman's Entertainment Exchange, there was an internal tool being developed to make purchasing inventory easier for those procurement individuals out in the field. I was responsible for making the front-end shiny based on a couple of rough sketches.

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  • Wedding

    When you're a web developer and you're getting married, the logical step seemed, to me, to be to put an announcement online on our new website. I designed and coded the following.

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Reach out and get a quote.

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