Does your website
question its purpose?

It's me!

“Hello,” your website says to the world, “Here I am!” But, does it get any further than that?

Are you a restaurant whose menu can only be accessed via pdf? Are you a brick and mortar shop who has their hours of operation buried seven clicks in? Did your previous webmaster sell you on a “cool” flash intro that makes your frequent customers' eyeballs bleed?

My name is Dana O’Rourke, and I can help. Together, you and I can whip your lazy website into shape. We can turn it into an asset, singing your happy tune in key. It's okay; I won't tell anyone it was shouting on the front lawn in its underwear.

What do I do,
and for how much, you ask?


I can provide a wealth of services, ranging from:

Need to know what I use? These are some of the technologies and programs I use like a hammer to bring your projects under control.

I can also work with your graphic designer or back-end web developer to help bring a facet of a project up to where your expectations are.

If you have a question (or have a problem you'd like to have fixed), pop me an email using the form below.

Take a look at some of my work.

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